PAX East 2014

We had a great time this weekend at PAX East in Boston, MA! We met a bunch of new developers, and had a great time on our panel “Game Audio: From Indie to AAA” featuring Richard Ludlow, Richard Gould, Akash Thakkar, Michael Sweet, and Duncan Watt. Thanks to everyone who came! Here’s the blurb from our session:

“This 1-hour long panel takes a behind-the-scenes look at designing audio for games, exploring the process of creating music and sound with the award-winning composers and sound designers for games like League of Legends, Bioshock Infinite, the Xbox 360 logo, Disney Infinity, Hyper Light Drifter, and The Last Symphony. In addition to showing and discussing examples of their work on these projects, the session will feature an open Q&A.”

We also had a few games on the expo floor, including Bigfoot Hunter and Jungle Rumble, both games being headed up by Richard Gould. Reception has been great, so watch for their launch later this year.