League of Legends: Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV

For this year’s League of Legends Worlds 2021 ESports event, we were honored to design the sounds for Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV! This skin was a specially obtained skin through watching the worlds event, so it was really exciting to…
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Arknights OST: “Radiant”

Full speed ahead! We are thrilled to share with you new music we produced for the Arknights OST, “Radiant” featuring Mary Clare of Forts: We thought it was really awesome to have this song also be featured in their latest…
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PUBG Mobile: POWER4 “Anger Power”

“The elite will rise. We are POWER4!” We really had an amazing time producing this track for PUBG Mobile! Creating rockin’ tunes like this is definitely in our wheelhouse! We also had the pleasure of working again with singer and…
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League of Legends: Bewitching Yuumi

Purr-fectly just in time for Halloween is Bewitching Yuumi! We loved designing the whimsically magical sounds for this champion. How adorable is Yuumi’s little pumpkin head?? We really enjoyed leaning in to the fun Halloween vibes with this one! Enjoy…
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Critical Role

We are thrilled to share that our team has provided many pieces of music you will hear in Critical Role’s newest show and D&D campaign, “The Draw of Destiny”! Many of our team members love to play Dungeons & Dragons,…
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New World

If you are exploring Amazon Games’s the new MMO, New World, then you have probably heard some of our sound design! We are thrilled to share that assisted the team with the sound design in New World, an exciting open-world…
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