Honor of Kings: Fei Theme Music

Welcome to the Jade City where you will meet Fei: a romantic prince who never meant to be the city’s hero. We had such an enchanting time writing the theme music for this new character, and really creating a story…
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Arknights OST: “ManiFesto”

As debuted at Arknights’s Ambience Synesthesia Show this past year, here is the official music video for “ManiFesto”! We had a blast producing this song, and having the opportunity to work with many talented artists was also a treat. These…
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Kingdom Craft 4th Anniversary Music

For the fourth anniversary of Kingdom Craft, the game’s new patch focuses on the Han Dynasty: “Dragon Chants on Han’s Territory”. We were excited to produce the music for this exciting patch release! We particularly enjoyed creating “FengQiYunFei”, with lyrics…
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Arknights OST: “Radiant”

Full speed ahead! We are thrilled to share with you new music we produced for the Arknights OST, “Radiant” featuring Mary Clare of Forts: We thought it was really awesome to have this song also be featured in their latest…
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