Honor of Kings: Da Si Ming Theme Music

Honor of Kings fans, meet the newest playable character, Da Si Ming! He acts as the deity between life and death, guiding the souls of the deceased and laying them to rest in the deep waters of the Nepenthean Marshes. Check out the theme music by our Lead Composer Matthew Carl Earl.

Composer/Arranger: Matthew Carl Earl
Lyrics: 屈原(节选自《九歌·大司命》)
Music Designer: 张璟 Jing Zhang
Music Producers: 张璟/黄原野 Jing Zhang/Corey Huang
Language Consultant: Flare/Luciay

Xun + Flute: Matthew Carl Earl
Choir/Vox: 成都爱乐合唱团,Matthew Carl Earl
Choir Conductor: 朱曦
Choir Producer: Matthew Carl Earl,张璟
Orchestration: Miguel Bezanilla, Juan Cortés Arango &, Tomàs Peire
Orchestra: Utah Film Orchestra
Orchestra Conductors: Nathan Hofheins, Kurt Bestor
Musician Contractor: Jenn Sprague
Recording Studio: FUNK Studios
Mixing/Mastering: Hexany Audio

Album Support: 粟苗苗 Noel Suk
Album Supervisor: 陈蓉婷 Channel Chen
Publisher: TiMi Audio Lab,天美L1工作室