Saga of Sultans

In Saga of Sultans, you are fighting for glory in this unique Kingdom War RPG! Our team loves the opportunity to create engaging and adventurous music like this. Music that sounds like windswept deserts with fantastical kingdoms ruled by powerful…
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League of Legends: Blackfrost Renekton

Serving the queen he once vowed to destroy, Blackfrost Renekton now leads the army of the Ice Witch! Our sound team had a great time designing this character’s sound; complete with crackling ice and monstrous attacks… Check out Blackfrost Renekton,…
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League of Legends: Dragonslayer Diana

With armor forged from slain Dragons who tried to hide from their fate, Dragonslayer Diana fearlessly leaps into battle! We love working alongside Riot Games to create new and exciting sounds for their amazingly designed characters, including Diana. Check out…
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