We are thrilled to share that earlier this year, we assisted the team with the sound design for Spellbreak from Proletariat! Spellbreak is an amazing multi-player action-spellcasting game where you customize your battlemage and battle your rivals to victory! Working…
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Arknights OST: “Gearing Up”

Enjoy the newest track we wrote for Arknight’s official soundtrack! Arknights is a beautiful anime-style strategy game that we had the pleasure in writing numerous pieces for. Composed by: Steven Grove Check out Arknights on Android and iOS today!
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League of Legends: Blackfrost Sion

In an alternative universe where the Ice Witch Lissandra thrives, the undead juggernaut Sion joins the icy corrupted! We enjoyed creating sounds for this iconic champion. Crackling ice, powerful strikes, and a giant axe – how couldn’t we have fun…
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PUBG Mobile: “The Growth”

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” We were very excited to be approached by Tencent to write a song for PUBG Mobile’s “The Growth” cinematic! We love how this video really highlights what’s fun about playing games…
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League of Legends: Wild Rift

We are thrilled to announce our contribution to League of Legends: Wild Rift! We designed sounds for several champion skins and champion intros within the game. We are very excited to be able to play League of Legends on the…
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NAVGTR 2020 Awards

We are thrilled to see a project we worked on win a NAVGTR Award! OUTSTANDING Sound Editing in a Game Cinema: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Congratulations to everyone involved in making The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope sound…
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