Critical Role Soundtrack: Welcome to Tal’Dorei

D&D fans rejoice! We are excited to finally share our collaboration with Critical Role. The Welcome to Tal’Dorei soundtrack album was inspired by Tal’Dorei and the world of Exandria in the Critical Role campaigns. It features 10 tracks produced by our music team. 

We hope these immersive pieces can accompany you as you go about your day, or help elevate your next D&D game. 

Listen to the full Welcome to Tal’Dorei album here, and check out Critical Role’s wonderful content here.

“Tea with the Pansophical”, “Deathwalker’s Ward”, and “Illusory Bonds” by Sterling Maffe
“Entering Zephrah”, “The Caverns of Crystalfen”, and “Umbra Hills” by Robert Wolf
“1000 Steps”, “The Nymph’s Heart”, and “The Champion’s Goodbye” by Matthew Carl Earl
“The Whispered One” by Steven Grove