New Collaboration with Pluto VR

We’re very excited to be able to share our latest collaboration with Pluto VR, Seattle-based virtual reality developer founded by John Vechey, Jared Cheshire, Jonathan Geibel, and Forest Gibson. We can’t share what we’re up to just yet, but here’s a brief preview in the Pluto team’s own words:

“We live in an increasingly connected world. With video conferencing, social media, and online gaming, we can interact, work, and play like never before. But talking into a phone, sharing a video, or looking at a webcam still don’t come close to what it’s like to sit across from someone and share an experience.

With augmented and virtual reality technology, it’s now possible to feel a sense of presence with other people, no matter where you are, as if you were there in person.

This is what Pluto VR is building.”

Pluto is on the cutting edge of VR technology, and we can’t wait until we can share more about the awesome experience we’re designing the sound for. Stay tuned!