Honor of Kings: Huaizhen Theme Music

We are thrilled to compose the theme for another Honor of Kings hero. This time, we celebrate the newly announced playable character Zhao Huaizhen. He is a loyal defender of the Chang An city, and we got to incorporate adapted melodies from “The Flaming Tassel” into his theme.

We hope you enjoy this live orchestra video of Huaizhen’s theme!


Composer/Arranger: Matthew Carl Earl

Music Designer: Jing Zhang
Music Director: Sean Zhao
GuQin: Wenyi Wu
Dizi/Xiao: Hongxuan Chen
Violin Solo: Aaron Ashton
Viola Solo: Emily Brown
Cello Solo: Nicole Pinnell
Orchestrator: Tracie Turnbull
Conductor: Nathan Hofheins
Recording Engineer: Michael Greene
Album Support: Noel Suk