Arknights OST: “Keep the Torch”

Thrilled to share the latest track we produced for Arknights, “Keep the Torch”! We had the pleasure of working again with the amazing vocalist and lyricist, Melissa R Kaplan, who created the made-up language for the lyrics of this song.…
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Arknights OST: “Loyal to the Beat”

Excited to share with you one of our latest tracks we produced for Arknights, “Loyal to the Beat”! We had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite rappers and lyricists again, Substantial, who really made this track pop.…
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Who’s got your six? Ubisoft has ours! We were thrilled to be approached by Ubisoft to provide music, sound, and mix for some of the marketing materials for their Rainbow Six Extraction campaign. We have always been fans of the…
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Arknights OST: “Under Tides”

Enjoy the newest track we wrote for Arknight’s official soundtrack! Arknights is a beautiful anime-style strategy game that we had the pleasure in writing numerous pieces for. Composed by: Steven Grove Check out Arknights on Android and iOS today!
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Arknights OST: “Immutable”

Enjoy the newest track we produced for the Arknights official soundtrack! We were very excited to have vocalist Melissa R Kaplan (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dead Rising 4) bring her unique sound to really make this track shine. Arknights is a…
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We are thrilled to share that earlier this year, we assisted the team with the sound design for Spellbreak from Proletariat! Spellbreak is an amazing multi-player action-spellcasting game where you customize your battlemage and battle your rivals to victory! Working…
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