Honor of Kings (王者荣耀 ) Original Game Soundtrack: Yi Xing Theme Music

Make your move… For Honor of King’s next competitive season, we were approached by Tencent to create the new theme for Yi Xing, the character to which this new in-game storyline revolves around! We love this talented chess player and mage, and wanted to be sure to give him a theme with depth and emotion, as this character has a deep backstory. This quiet and reserved wanderer might seem gentle, but has a strong resolve to protect his home and those he cares about. Matthew had a blast creating this music for Yi Xing!

Composer: Matthew Carl Earl
Orchestrator: Tracie Turnbull
Music Designer: Jing Zhang
Music Director: Sean Zhao

Recording Engineer: Dirk Woodruff
Di Zi/Xiao/Gu Zheng/Vocal: Matthew Carl Earl
Recording Studio: June Audio
Mixing & Mastering: Hexany Audio

Album Manager: Channel Chen / Melanie Du
Album Support: Noel Suk