Honor of Kings: Fei Theme Music

Welcome to the Jade City where you will meet Fei: a romantic prince who never meant to be the city’s hero. We had such an enchanting time writing the theme music for this new character, and really creating a story and scene of this majestic city and its misunderstood prince. Having the opportunity to record the live orchestra again for this special piece really brought this to life. We hope you enjoy the themes of Fei!

Composer: Matthew Carl Earl, Obadiah Brown-Beach
Arranger: Obadiah Brown-Beach
Music Designer: Jing Zhang
Music Director: Sean Zhao

Orchestrator: Tracie Turnbull
Conductor: Judd Maher
Recording Engineer: Michael Greene
Recording Studio: Funk Studios
Mixing: Hexany Audio
Album Management: Yusa Wu
Album Support: Noel Suk

Presented by TiMi Audio Lab, TiMi L1 Studio