Featured Credits

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Trailer

MARVEL Super War

PUBG Mobile

God of War: Digital Comics

Jurassic World: VR Expedition

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Days of War

Men In Black: Galactic Getaway

Star Trek: Dark Remnant

Overwatch Contenders

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer

Arena of Valor

Monster Hunter Online


Naruto Online


Blade Runner: Revelations

Firewall Zero Hour

King’s Quest (2015)

Ring of Elysium

John Wick Chronicles

Just Shapes & Beats

Kingdom Craft

PULSAR: Lost Colony

Heroes Evolved

Complete Credits List


Super Mecha Champions– Sound Design
Jeopardy! Playshow– Sound Design
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Trailer– Sound Design, Music
MARVEL Super War– Additional Sound Design
Disorder– Sound Design, Voice Over
Brave Conquest– Additional Sound Design
Naruto Online– Sound Design
Sea Fortress – Fleet War– Sound Design, Music, Voice Over
Gods Unchained – Additional Sound Design
Splitgate: Arena Warfare – Sound Design, Implementation
Days of War – Additional Sound Design, Implementation, Music
Zootopia: Dreaming People – Additional Music
Battle Through the Heaven – Sound Design, Music
Scoutible Game – Music
Firewall Zero Hour – Technical Audio Support
Creative Destruction – Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Rules of Survival – Additional Music
The Epic of Tia – Sound Design
War Song – Sound Design, Music
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile – Additional Sound Design
Fantasy Westward Journey II
– Cinematic Sound Design
COLINA: Legacy
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over, Implementation
Ocean Casino
– Music, Sound Design
Just Shapes & Beats
– Sound Design
Fantastic Chefs
– Music, Sound Design
Kingdom Craft
– Music, Sound Design
Overwatch Contenders Tournament
– Music
Heroes Evolved 
– Voice Over
– Music, Sound Design, Implementation
– Sound Design
The Glory of Loong
– Music, Sound Design
Sounds Fun
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Super NBA
– Music
Gordon Ramsay Alexa Skill
– Voice Over
Fourth Down Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Amazon Odyssey
– Voice Over
Buzzer Beater Basketball Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Toy Fights
– Music, Sound Design
Arena of Valor
– Music, Sound Design
Realm of Valor
– Music, Sound Design
Strike of Kings
– Music, Sound Design
Full Count Baseball Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Heroes Arena
– Voice Over
– Music
Variant: Limits
– Music
City of Games
– Music, Sound Design
Xuan Yuan
– Music, Sound Design
– Music
Name of the Nature
– Music
Battle Ball
– Music
Bunny Rappid 
– Music Mixing
Hungry Dan
– Music, Sound Design
 – Sound Design
Monster Hunter Online
– Music Mixing
Honor of Kings
– Music
Drone Racing League Simulator
– Sound Design, Implementation
Meridian: Squad22
– Sound Design, Implementation
Moonlight Blade: Moonlight Over the Sea
 – Music, Sound Design
Moonlight Blade: Romantic Destiny
 – Music, Sound Design
Assault Fire
52 Card Pickup
– Music
Iron Knight
– Music, Sound Design
Vegas Boulevard Slots
– Music, Voice Over
– Music, Voice Over
Match and Rescue
– Music, Voice Over
Sunny Shapes
– Music
Kubo and the Two Strings: Moon Beast Brawl
– Music, Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Bachi Breaker
– Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Street Showdown
– Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Shadow Sprint
– Sound Design
Billiards Shoot Master
– Music, Sound Design
Casino Frenzy
– Music, Sound Design
King’s Quest: Epilogue
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: The Good Knight
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Snow Place Like Home
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Once Upon a Climb
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember
 – Sound Design
Winterflame: The Other Side
– Music, Sound Design
– Music, Sound Design
Into the Stars
– Sound Design, Implementation
– Music
– Music, Sound Design
PULSAR: Lost Colony
– Sound Design, Implementation
– Sound Design
– Music, Sound Design
– Sound Design
– Sound Design
On the Night You Were Born – Sound Design
SantaKid: A Holiday Adventure
 – Sound Design
– Audio Direction (Richard Ludlow)
– Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
– Music (Richard Ludlow)
Disney Infinity (Wii)
 – Audio Implementation (Richard Ludlow)
– Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
 – Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
 – Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
The Land of Immortal Coconuts –
Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
– Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Men In Black: Galactic Getaway – Sound Design, Implementation, Voice Over, Music
Star Trek: Dark Remnant – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
Dragonfrost – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
NetApp VR – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
PokerStars VR – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
NITTO VR/AR/Interactive Mural – Sound Design, Implementation
Jurassic World: VR Expedition – Sound Design, Implementation
Blade Runner Revelations VR – Sound Design, Implementation
AWAY: The Bearded Vulture VR – Sound Director
Knott’s Berry Farm Showdown in Ghostown VR – Music, Sound Design
Life of us VR – Vocal Sound Design
The Arcslinger VR – Sound Design
Universal Studios: TheRepository VR – Audio Producer
PlanktOs: Crystal Guardians VR – Audio Producer
Barking Irons VR – Audio Producer
Leviathan VR – Sound Design
VR ATV Arcade – Audio Producer
Time Zombies VR – Audio Producer

Film & TV

The Red Lantern Reveal Trailer– Sound Design
Dolby Atmos Promo– Sound Design
Deadpool 2 Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Black Panther Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ant Man and the Wasp Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ready Player One Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cloverfield Paradox Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Aquaman Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Skyscraper Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cinemark Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Altered Carbon Trailer– Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Chemours Trailer + Short – Sound Design
Costal Institute Napatree Promos – Music, Sound Design
Google Italy Grand Tour Spots – Sound Design
DAVSS Disappear – Music, Sound Design
Nike “I Got Next” – Sound Design
Illegal Civilization Mac Miller Promo – Sound Design
Criken’s “ARK: The Worm Empire” YouTube Series Main Theme – Music
Wells Fargo Holiday 2016 Spot – Sound Design
Happy Honda Days 2016 Spots – Sound Design
Dick’s Sporting Goods “Sounds of the Season” – Music
Pelican Hill Promo – Music
The Story of Fig – Music, Sound Design
Don’t Starve Gritty Reboot – Music, Sound Design
Wizards of the Coast Promo Series – Sound Design
Deloitte Promotional Series – Sound Design
Leinenkugel Ad Spot – Music
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer – Music, Sound Design
McCarthy Illuminating Piano Promo – Music, Sound Design
Chevrolet MyLink Commercial – Sound Design
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Musical – Sound Design
Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man – Re-Recording Mixing
Downtown Disney Hyperlapse – Sound Design
Chevrolet Kayak Commercial Spots – Sound Design
Peppermint Ridge Promo – Voice Over
US Coast Guard Kitchen Duty – Music, Sound Design
Road Show Promos – Voice Over
Mini Deloitte Trailer – Music, Sound Design
Jesus is My Superhero – Sound Design
Ford Black Ice Spot – Sound Design
Raidhyn Logo – Sound Design
TYR Avictor Spot – Music, Sound Design
Adventure Time Gritty Reboot – Music, Sound Design
ieCrowd Promo – Music, Sound Design
Conservation Law Foundation Cashes Ledge Promo – Music, Sound Design
Concord Academy Promo – Music, Sound Design
Healing Foods Promo – Music, Sound Design
VA of Boston Promo – Music, Sound Design
Featherstone Promo – Music, Sound Design
Conservation Law Foundation Spot – Music, Sound Design
Coca Cola & AMC Theater Spot – Sound Design
The Cold Light of Day – Music Preparation
The Raven – Music Preparation
Respira – Sound Design
Chemistry – Sound Design

Did we mention we’ve done some work for these guys…?