Featured Credits

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Trailer

MARVEL Super War

PUBG Mobile

Jurassic World: VR Expedition

Splitgate: Arena Warfare


Men In Black: Galactic Getaway

Star Trek: Dark Remnant

Overwatch Contenders

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer

Arena of Valor

Monster Hunter Online

God of War: Digital Comics

Just Shapes & Beats


Naruto Online


Blade Runner: Revelations

Firewall Zero Hour

King’s Quest (2015)

Ring of Elysium

John Wick Chronicles

Kingdom Craft

League of Legends

Heroes Evolved

Complete Credits List


League of Legends – Sound Design
Super Mecha Champions – Sound Design
Jeopardy! Playshow – Sound Design
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Trailer – Sound Design, Music
MARVEL Super War – Additional Sound Design
Disorder – Sound Design, Voice Over
Brave Conquest – Additional Sound Design
Naruto Online – Sound Design
Sea Fortress – Fleet War – Sound Design, Music, Voice Over
Gods Unchained – Additional Sound Design
Splitgate: Arena Warfare – Sound Design, Implementation
Days of War – Additional Sound Design, Implementation, Music
Zootopia: Dreaming People – Additional Music
Battle Through the Heaven – Sound Design, Music
Scoutible Game – Music
Firewall Zero Hour – Technical Audio Support
Creative Destruction – Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Rules of Survival – Additional Music
The Epic of Tia – Sound Design
War Song – Sound Design, Music
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile – Additional Sound Design
Fantasy Westward Journey II
– Cinematic Sound Design
COLINA: Legacy
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over, Implementation
Ocean Casino
– Music, Sound Design
Just Shapes & Beats
– Sound Design
Fantastic Chefs
– Music, Sound Design
Kingdom Craft
– Music, Sound Design
Overwatch Contenders Tournament
– Music
Heroes Evolved 
– Voice Over
– Music, Sound Design, Implementation
– Sound Design
The Glory of Loong
– Music, Sound Design
Sounds Fun
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Super NBA
– Music
Gordon Ramsay Alexa Skill
– Voice Over
Fourth Down Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Amazon Odyssey
– Voice Over
Buzzer Beater Basketball Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Toy Fights
– Music, Sound Design
Arena of Valor
– Music, Sound Design
Realm of Valor
– Music, Sound Design
Strike of Kings
– Music, Sound Design
Full Count Baseball Trivia
– Music, Sound Design, Voice Over
Heroes Arena
– Voice Over
– Music
Variant: Limits
– Music
City of Games
– Music, Sound Design
Xuan Yuan
– Music, Sound Design
– Music
Name of the Nature
– Music
Battle Ball
– Music
Bunny Rappid 
– Music Mixing
Hungry Dan
– Music, Sound Design
 – Sound Design
Monster Hunter Online
– Music Mixing
Honor of Kings
– Music
Drone Racing League Simulator
– Sound Design, Implementation
Meridian: Squad22
– Sound Design, Implementation
Moonlight Blade: Moonlight Over the Sea
 – Music, Sound Design
Moonlight Blade: Romantic Destiny
 – Music, Sound Design
Assault Fire
52 Card Pickup
– Music
Iron Knight
– Music, Sound Design
Vegas Boulevard Slots
– Music, Voice Over
– Music, Voice Over
Match and Rescue
– Music, Voice Over
Sunny Shapes
– Music
Kubo and the Two Strings: Moon Beast Brawl
– Music, Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Bachi Breaker
– Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Street Showdown
– Sound Design
Kubo and the Two Strings: Shadow Sprint
– Sound Design
Billiards Shoot Master
– Music, Sound Design
Casino Frenzy
– Music, Sound Design
King’s Quest: Epilogue
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: The Good Knight
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Snow Place Like Home
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Once Upon a Climb
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause
– Sound Design
King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember
 – Sound Design
Winterflame: The Other Side
– Music, Sound Design
– Music, Sound Design
Into the Stars
– Sound Design, Implementation
– Music
– Music, Sound Design
PULSAR: Lost Colony
– Sound Design, Implementation
– Sound Design
– Music, Sound Design
– Sound Design
– Sound Design
On the Night You Were Born – Sound Design
SantaKid: A Holiday Adventure
 – Sound Design
– Audio Direction (Richard Ludlow)
– Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
– Music (Richard Ludlow)
Disney Infinity (Wii)
 – Audio Implementation (Richard Ludlow)
– Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
 – Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
 – Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
The Land of Immortal Coconuts –
Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)
– Music, Sound Design (Richard Ludlow)

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Men In Black: Galactic Getaway – Sound Design, Implementation, Voice Over, Music
Star Trek: Dark Remnant – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
Dragonfrost – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
NetApp VR – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
PokerStars VR – Sound Design, Implementation, Music
NITTO VR/AR/Interactive Mural – Sound Design, Implementation
Jurassic World: VR Expedition – Sound Design, Implementation
Blade Runner Revelations VR – Sound Design, Implementation
AWAY: The Bearded Vulture VR – Sound Director
Knott’s Berry Farm Showdown in Ghostown VR – Music, Sound Design
Life of us VR – Vocal Sound Design
The Arcslinger VR – Sound Design
Universal Studios: TheRepository VR – Audio Producer
PlanktOs: Crystal Guardians VR – Audio Producer
Barking Irons VR – Audio Producer
Leviathan VR – Sound Design
VR ATV Arcade – Audio Producer
Time Zombies VR – Audio Producer

Film & TV

Captain Marvel Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Men in Black 4 Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Lego Movie Part 2 Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
The Red Lantern Reveal Trailer – Sound Design
Dolby Atmos Promo – Sound Design
Deadpool 2 Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Black Panther Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ant Man and the Wasp Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Ready Player One Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cloverfield Paradox Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Aquaman Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Skyscraper Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Cinemark Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Altered Carbon Trailer – Additional Sound Design (licensed)
Chemours Trailer + Short – Sound Design
Costal Institute Napatree Promos – Music, Sound Design
Google Italy Grand Tour Spots – Sound Design
DAVSS Disappear – Music, Sound Design
Nike “I Got Next” – Sound Design
Illegal Civilization Mac Miller Promo – Sound Design
Criken’s “ARK: The Worm Empire” YouTube Series Main Theme – Music
Wells Fargo Holiday 2016 Spot – Sound Design
Happy Honda Days 2016 Spots – Sound Design
Dick’s Sporting Goods “Sounds of the Season” – Music
Pelican Hill Promo – Music
The Story of Fig – Music, Sound Design
Don’t Starve Gritty Reboot – Music, Sound Design
Wizards of the Coast Promo Series – Sound Design
Deloitte Promotional Series – Sound Design
Leinenkugel Ad Spot – Music
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer – Music, Sound Design
McCarthy Illuminating Piano Promo – Music, Sound Design
Chevrolet MyLink Commercial – Sound Design
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Musical – Sound Design
Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man – Re-Recording Mixing
Downtown Disney Hyperlapse – Sound Design
Chevrolet Kayak Commercial Spots – Sound Design
Peppermint Ridge Promo – Voice Over
US Coast Guard Kitchen Duty – Music, Sound Design
Road Show Promos – Voice Over
Mini Deloitte Trailer – Music, Sound Design
Jesus is My Superhero – Sound Design
Ford Black Ice Spot – Sound Design
Raidhyn Logo – Sound Design
TYR Avictor Spot – Music, Sound Design
Adventure Time Gritty Reboot – Music, Sound Design
ieCrowd Promo – Music, Sound Design
Conservation Law Foundation Cashes Ledge Promo – Music, Sound Design
Concord Academy Promo – Music, Sound Design
Healing Foods Promo – Music, Sound Design
VA of Boston Promo – Music, Sound Design
Featherstone Promo – Music, Sound Design
Conservation Law Foundation Spot – Music, Sound Design
Coca Cola & AMC Theater Spot – Sound Design
The Cold Light of Day – Music Preparation
The Raven – Music Preparation
Respira – Sound Design
Chemistry – Sound Design

Did we mention we’ve done some work for these guys…?