New Studio!

We are very excited to finally share that in 2019 we purchased a building in Bell Gardens, CA and spent much of the year renovating it into our new headquarters. Size: 7,000 square feet Rooms: 17 audio production suites, including a…
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League of Legends: Battle Queen Janna

With elegance and brute strength, these champions wield powers only fit for a queen. We enjoyed crafting the sounds for Battle Queen Janna. At her core, she is an elemental wind spirit, so we wanted to be sure to weave…
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PAC-MAN™ Mega Tunnel Battle

Waka waka waka! We were thrilled when Heavy Iron Studios brought us on to provide the sound and additional music for this iconic franchise. Who hasn’t played PAC-MAN at some point? Well, it’s never too late to start! Enjoy this…
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League of Legends: Cosmic Hunter Varus

After destroying his doppelganger, this champion finds solace among the stars… We had a great time adding to the cosmic universe with Cosmic Hunter Varus! Enjoy these stellar galactic sounds our sound team made. Check out Cosmic Hunter Varus in…
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Arknights OST: “Lullaby”

Enjoy this enchanting Russian Lullaby from the Arknights OST! We had a blast writing it, and had the pleasure of working with an amazing singer and songwriter, Úyanga Bold. Arknights is a beautiful anime-style strategy game that we had the…
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Honor of Kings: Charlotte Music Themes

We were thrilled to compose the music for a familiar character being brought into the Honor of Kings universe: Charlotte from Samurai Showdown! We knew we had to get superb vocals for these pieces, so we were very fortunate to…
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