League of Legends: Arcanist Shaco

Forever twisted from devious soul duplication experiments, Arcanist Shaco now haunts his opponents with magical spells and wickedly cruel mayhem! With character design as engaging and evocative as this, we just love how delightfully creepy this character is. Designing the…
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League of Legends: High Noon Irelia

For League of Legends’s High Noon skin series, we had the pleasure of designing the sounds for High Noon Irelia: a fallen Angel in an alternate western universe. In this lawless and untamed land, High Noon Irelia stands by her…
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League of Legends: Hextech Nocturne

While the practitioners of Hextech science have made shining and glorious innovations, not all experiments turned out as bright… Fusing the Hextech science with Nocturne’s dark energies created a nightmare; bringing his enemies ever closer to fearsome eradication. When designing…
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Arknights OST: “Reversed Time”

Children’s Day was a great inspiration for this track we produced for Arknight’s official soundtrack. We hope this track reunites you with your inner child! Arknights is a beautiful anime-style strategy game that we had the pleasure in writing numerous…
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League of Legends: Astronaut Gnar

Blasting off into space is Astronaut Gnar! We had a great time not only providing sound design for this adorable yet fearsome champion, but also for his alternate beast form. Don’t be fooled by this yordle’s sweet face – he…
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