Matthew Carl Earl

Lead Composer, Owner

A diverse multi-instrumentalist and composer, Matthew joined the team in 2014 and brought with him a diverse musical and engineering skill set. With roots in the orchestral, metal, and rock idioms, Matthew’s talents complemented the rest of the team perfectly. Having credits on numerous games, trailers, films, and records, Matthew has made a name for himself as a highly innovative composer and music producer. Moreover, he bears a striking resemblance to his long-term alter ego, a Blood Elf Mage.

Credit Highlights
  • Music composition
  • Music production
  • Dynamic music system design
  • Sound design
  • Tuvan throat singing
Credit Highlights
  • Arena of Valor – Composer
  • Saint Seyia the Game – Composer
  • Star Trek: Dark Remnant – Composer
  • Men in Black: Galactic Getaway – Composer
  • Overwatch Contenders Tournament – Composer

Matthew’s career started early on at the age of six, when his mother began teaching him piano. Though he picked up the instrument quickly, he wouldn’t discover the spark and passion that would lead him to pursue a career in audio until his discovery of the drum set at age twelve.

Fast-forward six years, Matthew’s interest in drums sent him quickly down the musical rabbit hole. Learning the basics in his middle school Jazz band, he couldn’t get enough and soon picked up guitar as well. Upon entering high school, Matthew was introduced to metal bands like Nile and Decapitated, and set his sights on a future in music.

He joined his school’s drum line and chorus, and writing pieces for the chorus discovered his love of composition. Simultaneously, Matthew began an 3-year long apprenticeship at a local production studio, an intensive hands-on education that would prove invaluable.

Throughout high school Matthew picked up (in addition to drums and guitar) piano once again, along with flute, penny whistle, ukulele, mandolin, recorder, bagpipes, and numerous other instruments, and began teaching many of them at a local music studio at seventeen. Upon leaving high school, Matthew studied classical composition at Saddleback College where he joined the metal band Xanthochroid.

After finishing at Saddleback, Mathew began writing for trailers, films, and video games, all the while continuing to teach. But inspired by the magic in World of Warcraft and other fantasy games, Matthew was determined to take his passion to games, and began working on an increasing number of indie titles. It was then that he discovered the art of sound design, and began rapidly honing his design chops as well.

In 2014 Matthew met the Hexany team and joined their ranks shortly afterward; in 2016 he took the reins as Lead Composer. You can also hear more of his work at his personal site,