Jason Walsh

Composer, Sound Designer

Jason’s highly creative approach to sound design and music production combined with his passion for video games make him the perfect addition to our team! An invaluable asset, Jason is our resident electronic music guru and engineering specialist. When he’s not here making things sound better, you’ll find him out in nature or in the darkest recesses of a recording studio. He also mows through demons like a champ in Doom.

Credit Highlights
  • Sound design
  • Engineering
  • Electronic music composition
  • Music production
Credit Highlights
  • Blade Runner Revelations – Lead Sound Designer
  • H1Z1 – Sound Designer
  • King’s Quest (2015) – Sound Designer
  • Overwatch Contender’s Tournament – Composer
  • Jurassic World: VR Expedition – Sound Designer

Born into a family of musicians, Jason was quickly immersed into the world of music. His path into music began at the age of five with piano and voice. His fathers old Apple II-e computer was given to him to tinker with and became his first experiences with video games, playing titles such as Dig-Dug and Ultima. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon Doom95.exe on the family computer that his passion for gaming began.

Jason first started writing his music in middle school using both hardware and software general midi sequencers which led him towards more advanced programs such as FL studio and Guitar Pro. During this time he began playing trumpet and drum set, participating actively in his schools band and jazz band. Upon entering high school he already knew he wanted to work in the music industry. He spent his teens performing in choirs and marching band, as well as several of his own bands to explore other types of music ranging from progressive metal and rock to electronic and pop. Combining his passions for recording, composing, and performing, he began producing and engineering for local bands and interning at recording studios.

Jason attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and was accepted into the Music Production and Engineering program where he focused his learning on mix engineering and creating sound and music for visual media. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014 and moved to Los Angeles. Since Beginning his professional career in the audio world he has worn many hats; some of those include sound designer, composer, music producer, and engineer.

At Hexany Jason continues works as a sound designer, music producer, and composer, complimenting the rest of the team’s skill set perfectly.